Motorcycle Alarm System by Mongoose

Motorcycle Alarm System by Mongoose


Aside from the obvious reasons, we like to fit alarms to our bikes as it means we can do away with the unsightly and difficult to hide key switch. In it's place we use a hidden toggle switch to turn the electrical system on or off, and an alarm system to keep the bike secure.

*The Mongoose MCA500 is a compact yet well featured motorcycle/scooter alarm system.*

When it comes to your bike, you want to protect it and what better is there than Mongoose ? Protection against theft is by an engine immobiliser, a remote adjustable 8 level shock sensor, a seat pin switch (not pictured here) and ignition ON trigger. Any heavy impact or shock to the motorcycle, such as taking it off the centre stand, will trigger the alarm.
The MCA500 is more than just a security system as it offers convenience features that make the use of your motorcycle more enjoyable.

2 waterproof 4 button remotes
Small compact waterproof alarm module
Separate super loud siren
Built-in shock sensor - adjusted by remote
Built-in engine immobilisation
Light flash - confirmation and during alarm condition
Chirp confirmation of arm and disarm
Triggers from ignition, shock sensor, seat switch
Automatic arming - programmable
Automatic re-arm
Remote panic
Silent arm/disarm by remote
Remote key lockout (prevents someone using your remote)

Overall dimensions of black box: 88x74x37mm

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