Breakout Box B for Motogadget motoscope pro

All motoscope pro indicator lights, temperature and oil pressure signal cables are connected to the msp Breakout Box B. 

Convenient screw-type terminals make child's play of the interconnections. Between the box and the motoscope pro just one cable is required (m-Bus). The msp Breakout Box is moulded-in water proof and vibration-resistant.

The msp Breakout Box B is compatible with the last generation motoscope pro only. It is incompatible with the older first generation of the device (identified by the missing bar-code decal at back side).

Dimensions (LxWxH): 26 x 39 x 10 mm 

Input terminals:

  • Fuel/reserve
  • Oil pressure switch
  • Left and right indicators
  • High beam
  • Neutral
  • Engine warning light
  • Oil temperature
  • Water temperature
  • Ambient temperature
  • Oil pressure

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