Motogadget mo.stop Brake Light Modulator/Indicator Flasher Relay with Auto-Off

Adjustable, digital brake light modulator to increase driving safety: Through different flashing modes, the standard brake light becomes much more visible to other road users. Great for custom bikes with very small or low-level brake lights. 

The mo.stop can also be used as an indicator relay with auto-off feature: automatically switches off the indicators after 20 seconds if set accordingly. No more accidentally leaving the indicators on, preventing accidents.

Use as brake light control

  • Ultra small and lightweight, practically just a piece of cable with a tiny candy-sized device
  • Just wire up in series between the brake light and brake light switches
  • 6 different light/flashing modes
  • Almost load-independent - therefore suitable for almost all LED brake lights (from 1 W) or conventional brake light lamps
  • Super simple connection via two cables only - simply connect in series
  • Short-circuit proof - Automatic overload protection - Fuse against voltage peaks from the vehicle electrical system
  • No heat generation during operation
  • Also suitable for 6 V brake light
  • Immediate, lossless response of the brake light - waterproof and vibration-resistant 

Use as flasher relay (without/with cut-off)

  • Almost load-independent (from 1 W)
  • Always constant flashing frequency, therefore suitable for almost all LED indicators (from 1W), all micro indicators, halogen indicators, 10 watt indicators, 21 watt indicators, etc.
  • Ideal for custom bikes and conversions with limited space - eliminating the oversized standard relay
  • Works with 2 or more indicators
  • Super simple connection via two cables only - simply connect in series, usually where your standard relay was
  • Also suitable for 6 V indicators
  • Adjustable as flasher relay with automatic shutdown



Housing L x W x H: 26 mm x 12 mm x 10 mm

Length connection cable: approx. 2 x 50 mm

Weight: approx. 6 g


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