LED Headlight Bulb, BPF, P36D, Lucas

Genuine Lucas, classic motorcycle headlight LED bulb.

Perfect for vintage bikes struggling to generate enough electricity. These LED bulbs only require a fraction of the power required to illuminate standard incandescent bulbs.

LED bulbs have a much greater lifespan than incandescent and halogen bulbs, lasting over 15,000 hours! That's the equivalent of 4 hours running time, every day for 10 years!!

6-24V British Pre Focus with P36D base.

Dual polarity so can be used on 6V and 12V positive ground and negative ground systems!

Low beam lumen output: 510/520lm.

High beam lumen output: 970/980lm.


Power Consumption

6V system low beam: 2.7W

6V system high beam: 5.7W

12V system low beam: 2.64W

12V system high beam 5.52W


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