Battery, Antigravity, 12-Cell, 360CCA

Battery, Antigravity, 12-Cell, 360CCA




360CCA, 12Ah (PB Eq), lithium motorcycle battery - perfect for custom builds.

These batteries measure a tiny 114x108x79mm and weigh just 1043 grams!!!

Mountable in any orientation, they can be easily hidden under seat's, etc.

Being a fully-fledged motorcycle battery, they are a direct replacement for your original battery. Provides a significant space and weight saving.

No need to give up your electric start! Enough current to crank over street bikes up to approximately 1300cc and race bikes up to 1600cc (please check your owners/workshop manual or other sources for the minimum recommended battery CCA and Ah rating for your bike).

New Technology, NO-LEAD and NO-ACID Battery.

Longer life than lead/acid. These batteries are not affected by vibration or heat as are lead/acid batteries. They have the ability to accept up to 1500 Cycles compared to Lead/Acids 750 Cycles... almost twice as many as lead/acid which equals longer battery life.

No trickle charging is needed with Antigravity Batteries. They can hold a charge up to a year! Lithium does not suffer from a "natural discharge" that lead does so it holds it charge without the need of a trickle charger.

Covered by a 3-year, manufacturers warranty. The 3 Year Limited Warranty is on a pro-rated basis based from the original date of purchase. Only ONE battery replacement will be given under warranty.

1-12 Months — Free Replacement

12-15 Months — 75% discount from retail MSRP

15-24 Months — 50% discount from retail MSRP

24-36 Months — 30% discount from retail MSRP

Made in the USA.

We are not permitted to ship batteries outside of Australia. If you place an order for a battery to be shipped outside of Australia, we will have to cancel the order. Please note a $3 cancellation fee will be charged.


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