Battery Eliminator, Screw Terminals

Save space & weight with this battery eliminator.

Measures a tiny 36mm in diameter & 62mm in length.

Weight: 70 grams!

Screw terminal size: M5.

Simply attach the leads that normally go to the battery terminals to the screw terminals on the eliminator.

Suits 6 or 12 volt, positive or negative earthed systems.

Compatible with permanant magnet alternators only. Will not work with excited field alternators as fitted to XS650's & CB750's for example. You will be relying 100% on the output from your charging system to operate the electrical system when replacing your battery with one of these. If the power output, particularly at low RPM (often the case with 30+ year old bikes or small cc bikes) is insufficient, this item may not work as expected or fail to be compatible at all. Please do your research before purchasing as we will not accept the return of this item in this instance.

Note: your bike will only have power whilst the engine is running, and for a handfull of seconds in the event of the motor stalling. The elimination of your battery will render your electric start un-useable. Starting will only be possible with the kick start or roll-starting.

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