Motogadget mo.switch mini, 7/8"

The m.switch mini is a high quality, universal push-button switch-block for 7/8" handlebars in a minimalistic and elegant design.

These finely CNC machined hand controls in combination with an electronic push-button control unit (not included in kit) like a Motogadget m.unit, can be used to operate all electrical features, e.g. lights, turn signal, electric start, horn, etc.

The casing is made from CNC machined billet aluminium. Two flush, built-in M5 stainless steel mounting screws ensure secure and stable clamping of the switch-block to all handlebars.

The push-buttons are of high quality, very robust design and vibration- and water-resistant (IP65).

Please note: it is not possible to connect loads up directly to the switch. A control unit such as the mo.unit or mo.relay+ must be used to interface between the load and the switch. You could also use the mo.switch mini to control other accessories such as starter and horn without a mo.unit with the use of 12V relays so long as the load rating of the relay coil is 50mA or less. Note that mo.switch mini buttons are momentary, so not practical for headlight control unless you find suitable latching relays.



Inner diameter: 7/8"

Outer diameter: 45mm

Width: 14mm

Length of cable: 200mm

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