Motogadget mo.view spy flip

Fits both 7/8" and 1" handlebars.

Sold individually.

The handlebar end mirror with swivel mirror arm and defined detent angles is perfect for narrow passages or space problems in the garage. The mirror can be mounted above or below the handlebar and is without ECE marking.

motogadget's glassless mirror series mo.view is unique in the world. The special feature of the mirrors is the patented mirror surface, which is made directly from the metal of the body. The aluminum itself is the mirror surface.
The mirror body itself becomes very thin and light, creating a lightweight design with no rim or frame. The convex mirror surface is manufactured by flycutting using diamond tools on ultra-precision machines in Berlin. It is then made resistant to oxidation, corrosion and abrasion by a complex plasma coating in a vacuum.

The mirror body, mirror arm and the clamp for the handlebar end are milled on CNC machines from solid aluminium and anodised in high quality. All screws are made of stainless steel. The precise ball joint allows the comfortable and very stable adjustment of the mirror. Glass breakage or fallen out glass shards are a thing of the past.

The mirrors of the flip series have a pivoting mirror arm with defined detent angles at 45° intervals. This allows the mirror to be tilted upwards if required without changing the setting of the mirror. Extremely practical for narrow passages, space problems in the garage or for transport.

The detent is very stable and can not be accidentally adjusted. The mirror does not vibrate when properly mounted, even at high speeds.

The mirror can be mounted both above or below the handlebar and is suitable for the right or left side.

Mounting is directly on the end of the handlebar (7/8" or 1") or if the grips and fittings can not be moved, using the mo.view bar adapter (sold separately).


Mirror body diameter: 75 mm

Thickness of the mirror body without ball head: 4 mm

Length of the mirror arm: 61 mm

Clamp diameter: can be used for 7/8 inch and 1 inch handlebars

Clamp width: 12 mm

Weight: 110 g

Package Contents

1 x mo.view spy flip mirror with arm

1 x clamp

QR code for mounting and operating instructions

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