Motogadget mo.unit Blue - Connect Your Bike to Your Smartphone

A unique control unit of innovative motorbike electrics allowing individual configurations and a space-saving design that can be easily hidden on the motorcycle.

The mo.unit blue is the digital control unit for a motorcycle - the heart of the entire motorcycle's electrical system. It can be operated with push button fittings or with conventional handlebar switch fittings. It switches all necessary components on the motorcycle and, at the same time, it takes over the tasks of the electrical fuses.

It has 12 inputs and 10 outputs, interchangeable cable clamps and Bluetooth® LE. This allows the mo.unit blue to connect directly to our app 'mo.ride' on the smartphone - a unique functionality for motorcycle accessories industry. With the mo.ride application, the entire setup, alarm system can be controlled with fault diagnosis is possible during operation. A secure, encrypted keyless-go function can also be set up. Relays and individual components in the wiring harness are greatly reduced and new, minimized wiring of the bike can be realized without a lot of time.

Functions WITHOUT smartphone and mo.ride app

  • Complete digital pushbutton control: 4-button or 5-button operation possible
  • Complete replacement for the fuse box. 10 independent circuits are digitally monitored and switched off in case of malfunction. After elimination of the fault, the fuse function is automatically reset
  • Integrated, position-independent alarm system
  • Integrated, digital, load-independent flasher relay, automatic switch-off optional and adjustable, mo.wave mode selectable
  • Integrated hazard warning lights
  • Turn signal optionally adjustable as position light
  • Parking light and headlight flasher integrated
  • Control of low beam and high beam (up to 200 W switching capacity) with just one button
  • Integrated, digital brake light modulator, flashing mode programmable
  • Acceleration-controlled hazard brake light (automatic warning signal)
  • Integrated starter relay for starters with magnetic switch (up to 30 A switching capacity)
  • Intelligent and configurable control/switching off of the loads in order to be able to use the maximum starting energy of the battery during the starting process
  • Integrated digital horn relay
  • Two configurable additional outputs AUX1 and AUX2
  • Diagnostic function for input assignment, output assignment, circuit switching status, short circuit diagnosis, etc.
  • Calibration and current measurement enable defect detection of all connected lights.


Functions WITH smartphone and mo.ride app

  • Encrypted connection via Bluetooth® LE (Low Energy) - making it tamper-proof
  • Extremely low power consumption of smartphone and mo.unit blue (with active Bluetooth 0.9mA and in power save mode after 6 weeks of inactivity: 0.3mA)
  • Keyless-Go (readiness to start the vehicle by approaching it with your own smartphone)
  • Highly sensitive accelerometer allows to display your driving activity in mo.ride by an activity factor, number of turns, top speed, etc.
  • Transmission of alarm events (with date, time, vehicle on the ground, etc.) to the app
  • Setting the mode and sensitivity of the alarm system;
  • Monitoring of the current battery voltage in the app
  • Diagnostics of all inputs and outputs, measurement of currents, voltage, device temperature
  • Defect detection of all lights through calibration. Defective turn signals result in doubling of the flashing frequency, status message in the app and audio notification by Rideassist.
  • Rideassist: optional turn signal sound and error messages in real time as audio output via helmet headset
  • Manual switching of outputs via smartphone (except starter)
  • Firmware updates without removal at any location data via smartphone and app
  • Configuration of the setup menu without removal at any location data via smartphone and app
  • Vehicle management with automatic notes on maintenance tasks, condition of tires, chain, brake pads, oils, operating fluids, spark plugs, etc. by comparing the vehicle mileage using the speedometer signal
  • Logbook records trips and stores all generated vehicle messages, alarm events and maintenance tasks Display of parking position and Ping! to help with vehicle search

Compatibility: iPhone from iOS 13 / Android from 11 (Compatibility may be limited due to manufacturer) More info about the app also at or in Google Play and iTunes.


Technical Data

  • L/W/H 90 x 53 x 30 mm (3.54" x 2.09" x 1.18"), hole spacing 74 mm (2.91")
  • Weight approx. 180 g / 6.349 oz
  • Mounting 2 x M5 stainless steel screws (mounting and ground connection), 1 x M5 Screw contact for battery plus
  • Operating voltage 6 V - 20 V
  • Operating temperature -20° to +80°C (-4°F to 176°F)
  • Inputs 1 x input (+12V switched) for ignition lock or mo.lock
  • 11 x control input (minus/ground switched) for:
  • Turn signal left
  • Turn signal right
  • Low/high beam
  • Starter
  • Horn
  • Brake light
  • Kill switch
  • Stand switch
  • LIN bus
  • AUX1
  • AUX2
  • Outputs 10 x output (+12V) for: Turn signal left, turn signal right
  • Low beam
  • High beam
  • Starter
  • Horn
  • Brake light
  • Ignition
  • AUX1
  • AUX2


Package Contents

  • mo.unit blue
  • 1 x M5 stainless steel screw
  • 2 x M5 stainless steel bolt with nut
  • 1 x speedometer sensor with 2 magnets
  • Detailed mounting and operating instructions

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